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Brief Description

achromatic compound microscope, belonging to Irish astronomer and physicist Thomas Romney Robinson, made by Giovanni Battista Amici, Italian, circa 1835 - 1838


Italy; and England; London, 263 Strand [stage]


Amici, Giovanni Battista Pritchard, Andrew [stage]



Earliest Date

Jan. 1, 1835

Latest Date

Dec. 31, 1838

Inscription Date


metal (brass, steel); glass; wood


box length 226mm; breadth 119mm; height 23mm

Special Collection

Cavendish collection


Donated by Robert S. Whipple. Part of the Cavendish Collection.


‘A. Pritchard, 263 Strand, London’ (stage)

Description Notes

Brass; folding 3 legged foot; square racked column; shoe with knurled screw carries stage; circular notched aperture with fittings for stage tools including brass slide clips and a swinging socket for stage forceps and stage condenser (not original); shaft for substage fittings including condenser lens with stop and socket; brass stage with steel spring and steel clamping screw with knurled brass knob which operates as a fine focus.
Swinging concave mirror on pivoting arm from column; bar limb with brass ferrules carries body; screw fit collar with 2 element eye piece; alternative eyepiece; stage forceps; live box; fitted wooden box with 4 long hand labels ‘Made by Amici & his gift to T.R.R....’ (see file for transcripts)(Robinson.Thomas Romney).
(The stand fits the box quite well, but the stage interferes with the body; possibly the whole stage is a later modification).


Boris Jardine; 'Amici microscopes and Thomas Romney Robinson'; Explore Whipple Collections online article; Whipple Museum of the History of Science; University of Cambridge; 2006:



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